COVID-19 Response

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  • A second round of Pandemic-EBT was recently approved in Wisconsin. This program provides additional aid for food to low-income families with school-aged children in virtual learning settings. Eligible Wisconsin families could receive up to $1,248 per child for groceries. To read more about the Pandemic-EBT program, click here.  

  • P-EBT Troubleshooting for Parents:

Email and provide the following information:

  • your child’s full name and grade level

  • your child’s school name and the location of the school (city, town, district, etc.)

  • your full name and contact information for follow-up: phone and email

  • your preferred language

  • if applicable: your case number

  • explanation of the problem, issue or question

  • please feel free to cc or on any email

Call the DHS P-EBT Hotline 1-833-431-2224 and provide the same information above.

If you still have not received benefits by April 12th, you can apply for P-EBT benefits online at the DHS P-EBT Website, which will be available here: DHS P-EBT website

Call us at (920) 682-8888

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