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Goal:  $30,000 by June 30

Let's Make It Rain for Youth together!

Donations support United Way Manitowoc County's Youth Development Fund.

The Fund provides opportunities for youth by supporting programs that improve mental health, social and emotional skills, and academic outcomes.

Donate today to help support high-quality programs and services that give every young person the opportunity to succeed.

Ways to Give:

  • Cash / Check / Credit Card

  • Checks should be made out to United Way Manitowoc County, Inc. with "Make It Rain" in the memo area.

  • Mail to:
    United Way Manitowoc County
    21 E. Waldo Blvd.
    Manitowoc, WI  54220

  • In person at United Way's office

  • Online via Square (credit card only)

Why is this important?


  • Improves social, emotional, and academic skills

  • Enhances graduation rates and holistic development

  • Increases positive adult connections

  • Reduces absenteeism and unhealthy behaviors

  • Provides economic benefits with a high return on investment

    • $11+ return on investment for each dollar invested

    • Increase the number of productive, well-adjusted adults in the future (an economic benefit)

    • Improve employment outcomes later in life

Oversight of the Youth Development Fund:

  • The Youth Development Collaborative determines funding decisions

  • United Way is the fiscal and collective impact manager

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Call us at (920) 682-8888

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