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Ride United Program Paused


The amount budgeted ($49,500) for our first year ran out earlier than planned and unfortunately the program is temporarily paused.


We learned, however, Ride United is making an incredible impact especially for those living paycheck to paycheck or experiencing homelessness. A recent success story includes a past guest of The Haven (local men’s homeless shelter) who struggled to access consistent transportation, hindering his ability to job search. Access to Ride United improved his ability to job search and eventually secure employment. Gaining employment meant consistent cash flow and the ability to save up for an apartment. The gentleman now has his own place and is no longer living at The Haven.


Many other stories like this demonstrate that transportation is a critical basic need and a key factor to improving lives. Our board and staff are working hard to secure additional funding, but we need the community’s help.

Call us at (920) 682-8888

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