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Eligible uses of Ride United:


  • Employment
    Job interview; commute to/from work; pre-employment needs


  • Education
    Enrollment; commute to/from school; class; daycare; library or internet access


  • Health
    Medical/dental/vision appointments and testing; substance use support; mental health support/community support; apply for Medicare/Medicaid/CHIP services; return home from Emergency Room; veterans affairs services; pharmacy services; COVID-19 vaccinations and testing


  • Food
    Grocery store; prepared/hot meals; food bank/pantry; SNAP/WIC benefits access


  • Legal
    Eviction court; court-ordered community service; probation/parole check-in; court-ordered education; commute to/from court proceedings/counsel


  • Housing
    Accessing and maintaining benefits (vouchers, rental assistance, etc.); emergency shelter; utilities assistance


  • Economic stability
    Financial coaching/empowerment; tax preparation services; essential supplies (non-food); record obtainment (SSN birth/death certificate; etc.); transportation services (DMV; car repair, etc.)

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