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United Way Manitowoc County's Basic Needs Agenda

Goal: Equitable access to food, housing and critical basic needs will improve for those marginalized by society by 2027.

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Total Funds Available



Invest in community projects that address the following key elements for a good quality of life that create transformational change.

  • ​Housing

  • Food

  • Technology/Internet

  • A Livable/Surviving/Thriving Income

Funds will be used for:

  • County-based community coalition work; and

  • Program/grant match monies

Funds are not for:

  • A nonprofit's annual fund drive

  • A nonprofit's debit recovery

  • Religious and/or sectorial purposes

  • Lobbying

  • Political purposes/campaigns

Distribution of funds:

  • United Way Manitowoc County's Emerging Leaders will serve in an advisory role, helping United Way establish a distribution plan annually per project and/or program based on United Way's annual budget.

  • Emerging Leaders members will serve on at least one community coalition, actively participating in then work and sharing progress reports with the full Emerging Leaders group.

  • Emerging Leaders members will support United Way's annual Basic Needs Fund fundraising efforts.

Allocation of funds:

  • Allocation of funds will be determined by the coalitions.

  • United Way may be called on by the coalitions to serve as a fiscal agent when appropriate.

Fund recipients must:

  • Work with United Way to set, gather, analyze and report on outcomes/impact.


  • Project/program application process.

Basic Needs Fund

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